Bay Side Dock Co. offers the best truss style dock system built. Standard sections come                     in 4x16 and 4x8 foot lengths, 5x16 and 5x8 custom lengths also available. Our modular                       design allows for an almost infinite number of configurations.

     All our sections are built right here in Door County using aircraft quality aluminum                               extrusion. Our strategic wheel placement and light easily removable dock panels, make                       installation and removal a breeze. Wheels are permanently fixed and independently                             adjustable, allowing for a perfectly level installation on even the most uneven surfaces.

      Sure-Step Decking is ADA compliant with a non-slip surface, withstands storm surges                        and minimizes wave and wind forces.  Sure-Step is bare foot friendly with a surface that                    remains cool, is environmentally conscious, durable, and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.